Friday, May 7, 2010

Nashville Rising

This past weekend Nashville experienced the worst flooding in over 100 years. It was "Katrinaesque" in damage, andis going to take months to rebuild & will cost close to $1 Billion. It has been amazing to see the response of people, and the National FEMA Director says he has never seen such volunteerism. Last night on Anderson Cooper 360, Anderson said, "I have never seen such a response from a community after a disaster". And this is why I love this city so much!

It has been so heartbreaking to see the pictures of the areas affected, including many of of Nashville's city treasures like the Ryman, 2nd Avenue, & Opryland Hotel. Many homes were lost in the flooding, and one of those was was my friend & sister Sales Director Candy Johnston. She was able to get most of her clothes, and her Mary Kay office was spared on the second floor along with her computer & inventory, but her house had 6' of water in the downstairs for 2 days. Unfortunately, like most people in Nashville, she did not have the flood insurance to cover all that has been lost. Here are a few pictures of the damage:

To help with some of the cost, an account has been set up at Nashville's Avenue Bank for donations & contributions to her situation. To donate, you can either call Tiffany McGee directly at 615-503-2983 or you can send a donation through the mail to:

CC: Tiffany McGee
101 International Drive, Suite 100
Franklin, TN 37067

So many people are in the same position, and it is almost overwhelming to know where to start in the process of helping them through this disaster. Here are some other ways to help:

Tide Loads for Hope trucks arecoming to Nashville on Wednesday, May 12. The Tide staff will literallywash, dry, and fold clothes for our neighbors who need it. Please contact Tide at 800-879-8433 (press 0 for operator) and let them know Nashville needs Loads of Hope. The more calls they receive the bigger priority we become.

Visit to find out about specific volunteer opportunities.

Thank you for your thoughts & prayers!

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