Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Life is too short to blend in...

Anyone who knows me, would probably say that I am a minimalist as far as accessories go. Usually I throw just throw in my diamond stud earrings, put a ring on my finger, and possibly a necklace around my neck. Growing up a tomboy, where my best accessory was a baseball cap, accessorizing outfits is not my forte.

Although recently, with the help of some very talented friends, I have realized how important accessories truly are to finishing off a look. I honestly think that my minimalist style comes from a fear of over-doing it. What necklace & earrings look the best together? How many rings are too many? These are all questions that I have a hard time answering.

My friend, Ginger Jones, owner of NalaStyle says, "accessories are the way people tell their stories". And the more I have been reading from professional stylists, and watching my friends who are talented in that area, I believe that statement to be true. So my mission this week is to study Rachel Zoe, Monica Rose (Kim Kardashian's stylist), & my own good friend Ginger Jones. I am in the beauty business & this is an important piece to my beauty knowledge!

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